Olympic lifting raises fitness bar at FVC

Olympic lifting raises fitness bar at FVC

Olympic lifting raises fitness bar at FVC

Olympic style weightlifting has raised the fitness bar in Forth Valley College according to gym staff and users.

The clean and jerk and the snatch techniques are proving to be a popular way for employees to kep fit and trim and FVC’s Leisure Facilities Coordinator Wai Mun Lee is convinced the activity could prove to be a viable alternative for those who find the traditional methods of exercising like running, cycling, rowing or the use of fixed weights, boring.

Two staff members – Carol Crawford Students Exams Coordinator and Denise Browning a Fee Administrator in Student Records – were only too happy to show how the techniques can be mastered.

Wai, said:

“Olympic lifting is a complex exercise which puts some people off, but with the right coaching and supervision anyone can do it.  Denise and Carol have accomplished both Olympic lifts - clean and jerk and the snatch - competently and successfully. These lifts help to develop co-ordination, power, strength and overall fitness, including cardio fitness and are very good for you.

“A big well done goes to Denise and Carol, we are really proud of their determination, commitment and the occasional bruise!  Everyone is so glad they are taking advantage of our facilities and reaping the rewards of all their hard work. Anyone who thinks they would like to give this keep-fit activity a try should just visit one of the FVC gyms and speak to a member of staff.”

Denise, said:

“We have been really enjoying Wai coaching us on the different Olympic lifts and we feel a real sense of achievement every time we achieve a new lift.”

Carol, said:

“We have both been taking part in circuit classes and lifting weights at the gym but Olympic lifting was a new experience as it’s both a mental and physical challenge. We both feel healthier and stronger and would recommend Olympic lifting to anyone. If we can do it anyone can!”

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