New President takes up Student Association role

Andrew Smirthwaite

New President takes up Student Association role

Forth Valley Student Association’s new President has taken up his post and is looking forward to making a difference to the lives of students.

BSc Applied Computing student Andrew Smirthwaite (27) from Armadale, has deferred at least one year of his course, to take on the role on a full-time basis.

He, said: “I originally chose Forth Valley College as it offered a more up-to-date course at degree level than any other college that I could see. I have enjoyed my three years here and have met some awesome people and had the chance to do some whacky stuff…including helping to organise Robot Project Week, and teaching my classmates and schools kids about robots as I run  a Robotics Club in the College.

“My positive experience at the College and the issues I sometimes had with finding rooms for my club, prompted me to run for the FVSA Presidency. I am delighted to have been elected and am enthusiastic and committed to making a difference for my fellow students.

“My advice to them all – whether coming straight from school, mature students or continuing students - would be that there will be ups and downs, but with our help and that of the support network at the college, we can help you get through any challenges so you can fully enjoy the good times.

“I had been through a rough time in my personal life during the last three years and know full well how important it is to seek someone out for a chat or some advice and that is where the Student Association comes in. I want everyone to know that our door will always be open, so come and see us if you are struggling and we will work it out. I have seen too many fellow students needlessly drop out when we – or the College’s Learner Advisors – could help them get through their issues. My message is that you are never alone.

“I would also like to work towards improving the signposting for students to get support, perhaps take a look at the use of rooms for student clubs and also increasing the recognition for the hard work that our class reps do.”




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