New mechanical CompEx course is essential for engineers and technicians

First cohort on new CompEx course

New mechanical CompEx course is essential for engineers and technicians

Forth Valley College’s CompEx Training Centre has officially launched its latest course, which is now an industry essential qualification for today’s Mechanical Engineers and Technicians.

The Mechanical Ex 11 course has been added to FVC’s comprehensive range of CompEx courses and adds to the variety of qualifications already available. It will allow the College to become a ‘one stop shop’ for companies aiming to attain a robust Safety Management System (SMS) for the management of competency of personnel working on ‘Ex’ equipment in Hazardous Areas to the UK’s Health & Safety Executive (HSE) standards.

The course determines the core competency of mechanical practitioners working in Hazardous Areas and lasts three days. It consists of an explosive atmosphere   awareness unit, which includes the established CompEx Foundation Module (Ex F), flange integrity practical assessment, pump and motor inspection and multi choice paper with a successful pass resulting in a widely recognised assessment of overall core competency. 

John Harris, CompEx Field Officer at JT Limited – part of the JTL Group the Internationally Accredited CompEx Certification Body – visited the FVC’s Falkirk Campus Training Centre on Wednesday 25 April, to observe the first cohort of candidates (from industry leading Petrochemical company INEOS based in Grangemouth) tackle their course work and practical workshop exercises.

Alistair McKean, Lead Commercial Trainer at Forth Valley College said: “It is great to add this module to our course schedule and we are excited that John from JT Limited is here to see us work with our first group. It is fitting that the industry professionals on the first course are from INEOS, as we have a very strong relationship with them and we are always delighted to help their staff improve upon their already high standards.

“We launched this course due to a high demand from our industry partners and with the candidate waiting list and the amount of enquiries received to date, we believe this will be a very popular and successful module at Forth Valley College.   Mechanical Engineers and Technicians will now be able to ensure they are up to date with the safe working practices from international standard ISO 80079 Parts 36 & 37 and also allow employers prove to the regulator the core competency of both their staff and contractors”

“Our talented FVC CompEx team are really looking forward to the challenge of delivering this course at our Falkirk training centre and INEOS leading the way on our first pilot course providing excellent feedback on the course being a ‘must have for mechanical practitioners’, we look forward to inviting the rest of industry to join us in the near future.

“Here at Forth Valley College we are building a dynamic business model to meet the ever changing demands of industry, whilst providing the highest level of training for employers delivered by a passionate, knowledgeable team of instructors within state of the art facilities.”

Martin Jones, CompEx Operations Manager at the JTL Group, said: “The pro-active approach taken by Forth Valley College in extending their CompEx portfolio has also enabled industry to take a pro-active approach to their competency management programmes. This enables the ‘intelligent customer approach’ sought after by the HSE Regulators, to drive safety of workplaces containing explosive atmospheres, even further forward, setting the standard for the world to follow.

“The professional team at FVC are providing a high standard of delivery at a high standard facility and the investment in the new campus will enhance the FVC CompEx experience even further.”

Stephen McBurnie, Maintenance/Mechanical Trainer at INEOS, said:  “The CompEx11 Mechanical Training Course will further enhance our mechanical practitioner’s skill set and improve overall competency in areas of Hazardous Area Management Procedures. Further, the CompEx11 Mechanical course offers theoretical understanding with a practical assessment piece all carried out to a recognised international standard which can only serve to help build knowledge and confidence amongst our mechanical population.” 

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New mechanical CompEx course


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