More and more staff make use of gym

Staff make use of gym

More and more staff make use of gym

Falkirk Campus gym is reporting that more and more staff are becoming regular users of the fitness equipment and tapping into the expert knowledge of staff.

Wai Mun Lee, FVC’s Leisure Facilities Coordinator, said:

“The Falkirk Campus gym is bursting at the seams with so many members of staff enjoying the facilities and the service the Gym Team provides, no matter what the gym team throws at them they keep rising to the challenge. 

“We would like to thank all our regular staff gym users for all their commitment, hard work, effort, sweat and tears, but mostly for changing Forth Valley College staff culture for a more dynamic healthy and positive one. Hopefully more staff will follow suit and reap the benefits of using our campus gyms. 

“If you are apprehensive about visiting our gyms please contact myself or any of our gym staff, as we are more than happy to cater for your specific needs and help you back into fitness.”


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