MAs rebuild damaged wall

MAs, Stuart Scott and Peter Nally

MAs rebuild damaged wall

Modern Apprentices stepped into the breach recently to rebuild a college wall that was damaged in a hit and run incident.

It is alleged a vehicle reversed into the wall at the front of the Forth Valley College Falkirk Campus causing around £1,800 of damage, sometime around 10.45am on Wednesday 10 May and then left the scene.

A large chunk of the sandstone was knocked out of the wall and coping stones were broken in the incident which also left the vehicle with a broken tail light.

But kind hearted bricklaying students – MAs David Willis (26) from Cumbernauld who works for Bertram Builders and Alex Wylie (18) from Polmont who works for Whiteside Builders and full-time City and Guilds Bricklaying student Nathan Wilson (23) from Grangemouth – and their lecturer Peter Nally, were only too happy to volunteer to rebuild the wall and improve their skills at the same time.

Stuart Scott, FVC’s FM Coordinator Hard Services in the college’s Estates Department, said: “We approached Peter in the Department of Construction once we had assessed the damage and he was only too happy to help. We purchased the materials and he supplied the manpower. We are very grateful to them and they have done a wonderful job.”

Lecturer Peter Nally added: “This is a great bit of experience for the students involved. They normally work with bricks and not sandstone, so it is a chance to build something they would not normally get a chance to. We are always glad to help and working in partnership like this also provides a valuable citizenship aspect to what the students are learning hear at the college.”

MAs cope with college job
Great job well done


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