Marion promotes gluten free meals at FVC

Marion visits Stirling Campus

Marion promotes gluten free meals at FVC

Forth Valley College have been offering a gluten free option on their menus to promote Coeliac Awareness.

From Monday 14 till Friday 18 May the staff and students in the kitchens at all three FVC Campuses will be serving up delicious gluten free dishes to highlight the condition in partnership with the Forth Valley Group of Coeliac UK.

Coeliac disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease caused by intolerance to gluten and it’s thought as many as one person in every hundred is a sufferer. Once diagnosed it is treated by following a gluten free diet for life.

Iain Calder FVC’s Electronic Point of Sale Coordinator, said: “It is really great for our students to see that we are promoting ingredients, meals and menus that offer choices for people with allergies and intolerance.

“Cookery and hospitality students also incorporate this knowledge into their courses and training as it is essential for them to have awareness of these things.”

Marion Smith, Membership Secretary, Forth Valley Coeliac UK Group, visited the Stirling Campus for lunch at the Gallery Restaurant with her husband Roy on Monday 14 May. She said: “I can’t believe that we have had a relationship with the college now for 10 years and that it ties in with the 50th anniversary this year of the creation of the Coeliac UK charity. It is very important that organisations recognise these conditions and we are delighted to be working with Forth Valley College once again to raise awareness.”

Also in the photograph is Carolyn Taylor FVC's Front of House Trainer.





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