Mandy can’t weight to return to college

Mandy's spirits lifted in gym

Mandy can’t weight to return to college

Regular gym sessions have been the key for an Alloa mum to lose three stones in just one year studying at Forth Valley College.

Mother of two Mandy Reynolds (28) – who has just completed an NC Childcare and is moving on to do the HNC in the same subject – says it is fantastic to be fit and is recommending that her fellow students give the FVC gyms a chance - after she dropped from 13 stones to 9 stones 13lbs.

To show how successful she has been Mandy is pictured here lifting is the total amount of weight she has lost since starting at the college gym - total of 20kg.

Mandy, who is also a Team Leader at the local Morrison’s Supermarket, said: “I remember when I first started college I was 13 stones in weight, was low on confidence and did not want to go out the house and my self-esteem was very low.

“I did used to like running, so I started going to the gym at the Alloa Campus and I also started to do some weights and some circuits, with the help of Steve Fleming the gym assistant.

“I started to lose some weight and saw some progress in my fitness and it becomes a habit in going to the gym. Steve has been very encouraging and he helps to motivate you to use the facilities which are very good.

“I would encourage people to come to the gym, but to stick at it. You won’t see weight loss after your first sessions, but if you keep at it results will come. I also found that exercising in the gym reinvigorates me in the classroom and a workout  can de-stress me after class. If I can lose three stones in two years, others can too.”

Steve Fleming, said: “Mandy’s weight loss has been awesome. It has been a pleasure working with her for the past two years and I’m looking forward to working with her next term too. The weight loss journey has ended and it’s time to start with the weights.”

Anyone wishing to find out how FVC’s gym staff can help with fitness programmes and training advice should contact Wai Mun Lee, FVC’s Leisure Facilities Coordinator on

Mandy Reynolds


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