Holy cross-departmental student cooperation Batman!

Super group

Holy cross-departmental student cooperation Batman!

Alloa and Stirling based students from three different courses assembled recently to save the day and create an imaginative exhibition of work.

Catwoman, Hellboy, Black Panther, The Riddler, Power Puff Girls, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Ryuko Matoi, Harvey Dent/Two Face, John Constantine, Sand Man and Poison Ivy all paid a visit to the Alloa Campus on Thursday 30 March.

ZAP! NC Art and Design student Stefanie Maurogalos and her classmates came up with the idea of comic book heroes, heroines and villains for their latest Core Skills event.

POW! They teamed up with the HND Make-up Artistry students and have spent the last five months preparing to recreate an array of well-known superheroes and their adversaries.

KERCHOW! HND Photography students linked up with the organisers to cover the event and use the snaps for their own course work.

BLAMMO! And if that wasn’t enough departmental cooperation, Construction lecturer Andy Hilton swooped in to help the students with their back board scenery in the Alloa Learning Resource Centre on the day.

Core Skills lecturer Anne Robertson, said: “I think they have done an amazing job. They were all nervous beforehand, but everyone can see how much work they have put in and how well they have worked with each other to put this event on. They have been brilliant.

“Alloa Learning Resource staff, David Gentles and Joanne Saunders, also made a valuable contribution. David was a creative consultant to the Art and Design group, having been involved in the very first similar event at Alloa six years ago as a student himself and he and Joanne did an amazing job in decorating the set for the event.”

Make-up Artistry lecturer, Linda Hughes, said: “I am really proud of them all. It just shows the journey they have been on and the skills they have developed throughout their course for them to create such authentic looking characters.”

Construction lecturer, Andy Hilton, said: “I was happy to be consulted on this and have been very impressed with their out of the box thinking.”

Comic Superheroes 3.JPG
Comic Superheroes 4.JPG


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