Gym volunteers are a big HIIT with keep-fit staff

Gym volunteers Pamela, Brandon and Katarzyna

Gym volunteers are a big HIIT with keep-fit staff

Three sports students have been volunteering to help Forth Valley College staff to keep fit over the past 18 months.

Around 12 regular staff users have been attending the 25 minute High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) sessions taken by Katarzyna Slapek (32), from Falkirk a HNC Fitness, Health and Exercise student, Pamela Bennie (38) a HND Fitness, Health and Exercise student and Brandon Docherty (19) from Falkirk, studying for the Pathway to Fitness, Health and Exercise.

Katarzyna Slapek (32), from Falkirk, a HNC Fitness, Health and Exercise student, said: “Taking classes as a volunteer in the Falkirk Campus gym helped me to gain experience as a fitness instructor and allowed me to gather the skills that are required to become a knowledgeable fitness industry professional.  As a volunteer I was able to demonstrate what I had already learned and I put this in to practice. Volunteering to take classes was great, it added to my CV, which for me turned to success when I applied for a job as a gym assistant.”

Pamela Bennie (38), from Falkirk, a HND Fitness, Health and Exercise student, said: “The whole college experience has definitely made a positive impact on my life, from making new friends, to beginning a new career and also improving my fitness and health. I volunteered to take lunchtime classes in the gym and this has also really helped my confidence and I really enjoy the positive energy from a class, as opposed to working out on my own.”  

Brandon Docherty (19) from Falkirk, A Pathway to Fitness, Health and Exercise student, said: “Volunteering to take classes in the Falkirk Campus has been a great experience for me as it has made me more confident and has helped me understand people’s different needs when training. It has also made me learn more about the field I want to work in. I have enjoyed taking the classes because I enjoy helping people succeed in whatever their fitness goals are and It feels good knowing that the people who participate in my classes have enjoyed it and know I have helped push them to reach that certain goal.”

Falkirk Campus gym is reporting that more and more staff are becoming regular users of the fitness equipment and tapping into the expert knowledge of staff.

Wai Mun Lee, FVC’s Leisure Facilities Coordinator, said: “Brandon, Pamela and Katarzyna have been brilliant in the way they have taken to organising and leading the classes and all the staff have enjoyed their workouts immensely.  

“We would like to thank all our regular staff gym users for all their commitment, hard work, effort, sweat and tears, but mostly for changing Forth Valley College staff culture for a more dynamic healthy and positive one. Hopefully more staff will follow suit and reap the benefits of using our campus gyms. 

“If you are apprehensive about visiting our gyms please contact myself or any of our gym staff, as we are more than happy to cater for your specific needs and help you back into fitness.”



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