Game on for computing students

Game on for computing students

Game on for computing students

A class project to create and design computer games with an ‘environmental or recycling’ theme could see some of them used to promote sustainability.

At least three of the games - created by a group of 10 NC Access to Software Development students for their end of session showcase event as part of their Essential Skills ‘Citizenship and Diversity’ strand - could now be used to promote green issues such as recycling to new students in the college or even in local schools.

The games include a simple recycling one where the player has to decide which bin certain waste products should be placed, an environmental version of ‘Frogger’ and one which features ‘Suicidal Polar Bears’ emphasising issues of climate change.

FVC Principal Dr Ken Thomson caught up with the students on Friday 20 as they showed off their results and learned that they produced their games after having only one day’s lesson on graphics and coding.

Student Robert McCallum (30) from Falkirk, said:

“We only had a short time to get used to the Greenfoot programme, but we all enjoyed it and it was good fun.”

Linda Bell, FVC Learner Development Worker, who set the group the challenge of designing the games with an  environmental link, now hopes to showcase the games once more during Green Week beginning on Monday 27 February.

She said:

“I was amazed with their creativity and the standard of games they produced in such a short time frame.  I am excited and looking forward to showcasing their efforts during Green Week.”

Computing Lecturer Willie McRae, said:

“It was amazing fun to do and they all came up with their own ideas and came up with completely different games. They definitely showed off some excellent programming skills and had do all the coding themselves and come up with the graphics.

“I am absolutely delighted with the results and it just shows you the creativity they have. I am very proud of their efforts.”

FVC Principal Dr Ken Thomson, said:

“These Access to Software Development students should be congratulated for their ingenuity and creativity. I was really impressed with what the games they have developed in such a short space of times. They should be very proud of their efforts.”

Pauline Donaldson, FVC’s Facilities Management Coordinator, said:

“It was fantastic to see the games that had been created by the students and the fact that they used images of the bins we have in the campus means that this game could be used for raising awareness of how we manage our waste.”

Ken and Computing lecturer Willie Mcrae are pictured here with student Robert McCallum (30) from Falkirk, who along with NC Access to Software Development classmate Michael Lemetti (20) from Camelon, created the bin recycling game ideal to teach people where specific waste items go.


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