Gallery sustainable crackers – pull the other one… and another… and another!

It's a sustainable cracker

Gallery sustainable crackers – pull the other one… and another… and another!

Revellers celebrating Christmas at Forth Valley College’s Gallery Training Restaurant will be pulling sustainable Christmas crackers for the first time this year.

Hospitality staff were concerned that more than 1500 crackers had been pulled in 2017 at Gallery Christmas lunches and dinners leaving glossy paper and plastic toys to be binned. However they discovered that one of their suppliers – Bidfoods - could provide cheaper sustainable crackers with cardboard toys and paper jokes that could be fully recycled … and they thought it was a cracking idea.

Now festive diners at the Gallery – which is virtually fully booked for this year with more than 1500 lunches and dinners set to be served over 18 days and eight nights in the lead up to Christmas – will be able to indulge in one of the most popular annual traditions without worrying about damaging the environment.

FVC Chef Manager, Ype Vanderchaaf, said: “These crackers will have all the usual paper hats, toys and jokes, but we will be able to recycle everything. We can’t wait to welcome our customers to their Christmas meal here at the Gallery and wanted to make sure that Christmas Crackers would be part of their experience and this sustainable option is a win, win situation for everyone.”

For more information on the Gallery Restaurant and its Christmas meals call 01786 406027 or visit

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