Free College bus service is just the ticket

Free College bus service is just the ticket
Dial A Journey Van

Students in Clackmannanshire who don’t have access to their own transport will now be able to travel for free to Forth Valley College’s Falkirk and Stirling Campuses.

Funding for the new service is coming from the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund, and FVC is working in partnership with Dial-a-journey and Pre-employment in Clackmannanshire (PEC) to pilot the new Monday to Friday term time free bus service for students for a six month period from January till June 2022.

The bus service is one aspect of a much larger community partnership project - of which FVC is a partner - being delivered in Clackmannanshire to support local people with access to skills, personal development, work placements and training opportunities.

Spaces are limited so students are being encouraged to pre-book their seats as soon as possible. It will also be possible to ‘block book’ a space, eg. every Monday, or every day during the week.

Zak Stark, Head of Commercial and Training Delivery at Forth Valley College, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Dial-a-Journey and Pre-employment in Clackmannanshire on this fantastic initiative which will benefit our students from the ‘Wee County’ enormously.”

Pauline Jackson, Development and Fundraising at Forth Valley College, added: “Partnership working is integral to our development and fundraising activities, so it is great to be part of this local initiative which has been supported through the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund. The partners involved have put a lot of work into getting the project this far, so we hope students and the wider community of Clackmannanshire will benefit from this.”

Anthea Coulter from Clacks TSI which has overall responsibility for Pre-employment in Clackmannanshire, said: “The college provides a wide range of opportunities to progress to employment, delivered across their campuses. We hope that this free bus will help ensure that students from Clacks can get easy access to all these opportunities.”

The bus timetables can be found below:

Clackmannanshire - Stirling Campus

Current Timetable

Location                                   Outward Journey                Return Time

Menstrie - Fox Memorial      7.55am                                      5.00pm
Alva - Co-op                          8.00am                                      4.55pm
Tillicoultry Bus Station          8.05am                                      4.50pm
Sauchie - Holten Square       8.20am                                      4.35pm
Alloa Campus                          8.30am                                      4.25pm
Stirling Campus                      8.55am                                      4.00pm


Clackmannanshire - Stirling Campus

Revised Timetable - Valid from 19th April 2022

Location                                   Outward Journey                Return Time

Alloa Campus                          8.00am                                      4.45pm
Sauchie - Holten Square       8.05am                                      4.40pm
Tillicoultry Bus Station          8.15am                                      4.30pm
Alva - Opposite Co-op          8.25am                                      4.20pm
Menstrie - Fox Memorial      8.30am                                      4.15pm
Stirling Campus                      8.45am                                      4.00pm

Clackmannanshire - Falkirk Campus

Location                                       Outward Journey                Return Time

Menstrie - Fox Memorial                7.45am                           5.05pm
Alva - Co-op                                       7.50am                           5.00pm
Tillicoulty - Bus Station                   7.55am                           4.55pm
Sauchie - Holten Square                 8.10am                           4.45pm
Alloa Campus                                     8.20am                           4.35pm
Clackmannan - Sain Cottage         8.30am                           4.25pm
Falkirk Campus                                   8.55am(Arv.)                4.00pm(Dpt.)


For more information visit PEC - Pre-Employability in Clackmannshire - College Bus .To book a space, please contact Dial-a-journey within working hours (9am to 5pm) on 01786 465355 or via