Fitness training in the gym brings more success for Fiona

Fiona in Action

Fitness training in the gym brings more success for Fiona

Work Based Assessor Fiona Kirkaldy, who has continued with a gym training programme at Forth Valley College, has won more trophies.

Fiona Kirkaldy (59) from Brightons in Falkirk, was the first woman in the F50 category at the Wooler Trail Marathon – organised by Trail Outlaws - on Saturday 16 November. The next day she finished fifth in the F50 category Half Marathon, fourth overall and first female in the Double (220 completed the full marathon, 237 completed the half marathon and 22 completed the double).

Her success comes six months after she completed three challenging SCOTT Dark Skies Run @ Kielder night runs – including a marathon and a half marathon and finishing first in the F50 category - over one weekend and was one of only 54 people out of around 600 runners who completed the three distances. Remarkably Fiona has also managed to do this after battling back to fitness from a stroke she suffered in March 2017!

Fiona, who mainly assesses FVC process technicians taking them through their SVQs, said: “I originally ventured into the gym to see Wai last September as part of my training for the St Cuthbert’s Way, a 100 km run - again organised by Trail Outlaws - from Holy Island to Melrose last June, which I completed coming 2nd F50 only minutes behind the lady who came in 1st in that category.  I knew that to even attempt that feat I would need to incorporate resistance work into my training. Wai has been absolutely wonderful and I sincerely believe I could not have completed the recent double run without his help and encouragement - let alone brought home trophies!

“The Wooler Trail Marathon and Half Marathon, organised by Trail Outlaws, are set in the heart of Northumberland National Park and include some of the best views in the country. They are challenging with many undulations along the way - the marathon has around 6,000 feet of ascent while the Half Marathon has around 3,000 feet - but the views are worth it.

“The planned route for the marathon would have taken us over the summit of The Cheviot, but the weather was not kind because of the snow and ice, and the route for the marathon had to be changed for safety reasons - it ended up being 2 laps of the half marathon route.  It was wet and cold on the day itself and, for the most part, I found myself running up streams, down streams, across streams that had swelled to the size of small rivers, and through bog and I was up past my knees on several occasions. I managed to come in first in the F50 category.

“The weather was a lot kinder for the half marathon on the Sunday and I was better able to appreciate the views, which had not been possible on the Saturday.”

Wai Mun Lee Leisure Facilities Co-ordinator, said: "This is another amazing achievement from Fiona, great determination and commitment and glad the resistance training and her eagerness to participate in all our other fitness classes is paying dividends.

“It shows you that it's never too late to incorporate any form of resistance training in your training regime. I am glad everything has worked out and it’s a joy working with Fiona in the gym where she's taking advantage of what our gyms and gym team can offer.  She's not just a great role model for women, but for men as well."

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