Engineering students take a close look at Virtual Welding

Virtual Welding group

Engineering students take a close look at Virtual Welding

Welding students were treated to a sparkling demonstration of computer generated Virtual Welding techniques in a classroom rather in the workshop recently (17/11/17).

NC Fabrication and Welding and Access to Engineering students attended the showcase event at the Falkirk Campus which was organised by FVC’s Department of Applied Science, Maths and Mechanical Engineering and led by Fife College’s Fabrication and Welding Department’s Douglas Lees (Lecturer) and Jim Lind (Curriculum Manager) - who regularly use their cutting edge equipment in their own department.

The ‘Weldability SIF Virtual Welding’ equipment - which is best described as welding meets computer game technology - allows students to practice their skills in a classroom, record and replay their efforts on a big screen and helps lecturers introduce the craft to school children in a safe environment.

Douglas Lees, said: “Fife’s new Virtual Welding software was demonstrated to staff and students at Forth Valley College and this was the first college to see the equipment demonstrated thus sharing good practice and new technology.

“This visit was planned months before by Curriculum Manager Dougie Ross who felt that the students at Forth Valley needed some time in the workshop to practice their welding skills.

“This proved to be the case on Friday as the students got a real buzz out of it and said that they felt it was ‘so real’, but without the Health and Safety restrictions. It gives a great practice tool to college students, and this created a competitive edge with the students trying to beat each other’s scores.”

Dougie Ross, FVC’s Curriculum Manager in the Department of Applied Science and Mechanical Engineering, said: “It was fantastic to see a group of students standing in a classroom environment developing their hand to eye coordination and upskilling their welding ability with this technology. Removing the consumables that are required in the workshop adds to the college’s sustainably commitment.

“Once the students realised that the equipment produced a percentage score of their weld, this added to the competitive aspect as to who would be top of the leader board, whilst engaging the whole group at the same time. I would like to thank my colleagues from Fife College for coming to the Falkirk Campus and demonstrating the equipment and look forward to working alongside them in the future.” 

Kenny MacInnes, Head of the Department of Applied Science and Mechanical Engineering, added: “This is a fantastic piece of equipment that allows students to enhance their welding skills in a safe environment.

“This equipment removes the health and safety barriers allowing welding to be taken into lecture rooms and schools and gives young people and children the chance to try their hand at welding, and to then consider welding as a future career.

“I would like to thank Fife College for bringing over their equipment and giving us the opportunity to experience virtual welding.”




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