Engineering lecturer gearing up for Kiwi race

Emma Bryce & Fiona Duff in FVC gym

Engineering lecturer gearing up for Kiwi race

A 243 kilometre endurance race is the goal set by Forth Valley College engineering lecturer Emma Bryce who has only recently started using the Falkirk Campus gym.
Emma (34) from Dunblane has entered the epic New Zealand Coast To Coast world championship race in February 2017, which involves cycling, running and kayaking over two days from Kumara Beach on the east to Christchurch on the west of South Island.
The intrepid lecturer – who will also be camping overnight during the race – only started training properly for the event recently, after being inspired by FVC’s Leisure Facility Co-ordinator  Wai Mun Lee when he welcomed her to the college gym back in May 2015 and introduced her to strength and conditioning.
Emma, said:

“I had never done a gym session in my life, but in chatting to Wai about my ambitions – which involved wanting to enter the October 2015 55 mile Glasgow to Edinburgh Kayak race and the November 2015 16 mile Southside Six Running Race - he immediately introduced me to strength and conditioning.
“This involves Olympic style lifts and training and he also developed unique training methods specifically for me to help with my kayaking technique. My objective for the above events was just to complete the events, but by incorporating these sessions within my training regime, along with Wai’s unique training methods, it not only allowed me to complete the events but allowed me to finish at a reasonable position within races.”
Emma trains as many as three times a week at the Falkirk Campus gym along with her friend and colleague Fiona Duff, FVC’s Health and Safety Coordinator. Fiona is not only her training buddy, but will form part of her back-up support team in New Zealand next year.

Emma added:

“I would never in my life have thought about using an Olympic bar for squatting, push pressing or bench pressing which was a foreign language to me until Wai introduced me to the benefits of strength and conditioning. With his coaching, supervision, motivation, unique training methods and programs it has not only given me the confidence to enter the New Zealand Coast to Coast race, but has given me the physical and mental strength to do so.
“Forth Valley College has great training facilities and I would definitely recommend that all staff and students who have any big or small personal fitness goals to achieve, to go and visit Wai. He’s really helped me and I’m sure he could do the same for you.”
Wai, said:

“Emma has worked really hard and put a tremendous amount of effort in to her training. She is an inspiration to us all and I am sure she will complete her New Zealand Coast to Coast race and be a great representative for Forth Valley College along with her very own back-up-support team member Fiona Duff .
“It’s great that our gyms are able to provide that little bit extra service to individuals and can inspire these individuals to go for bigger goals and challenges. Hopefully with success stories like Emma’s, this will inspire everyone to join our gyms and set themselves personal physical goals to achieve. We have an outstanding gym team that are more than happy to help everyone reach their targets.”


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