Eager students begin their college journey

Eager students begin their college journey
News students at FVC

Eager new Forth Valley College students began their journey into further education this week at all three Campuses.

Registration for the new academic term began on Monday 20 August and two of the first classes to do so were the NC Hospitality and the NC Art and Design.

Stevie Gattler (22) from Stirling is delighted to be on the NC Hospitality course. She said: “I am a little bit nervous, but excited to be starting and want to be a function coordinator when I am qualified. I see this as a first step and have been impressed so far.”

Jordan Henderson (18) also from Stirling, said: “I really want to be a chef or open my own café one day. Hopefully this course will allow me to go on and do other courses at the college.”

Jordan Stewart (18) from Tullibody, also on the NC Hospitality course, said: “I have always been interested in the hospitality industry that is why I applied. I am happy to be on the course and am hoping it will allow me to focus on what I would like to do.”

Lauren McIntyre (15) from Grangemouth, said: “I am also interested in Hospitality and would like to become a chef. I heard about the course at school and hopefully I can progress through courses here at Forth Valley College.”

Lewis Don (16) from Falkirk, added: “I would like to work in a restaurant, but certainly in the hospitality industry. A teacher mentioned the college and the courses on offer. Hopefully this will allow me to specialise in the future.”

Rebecca Marshall (19) from Alloa, who has just started on an NC Art and Design course, said: “I love art and design and that is why I applied. I hope to become an art lecturer when I am older and I hope this course will be a stepping stone to other qualifications.”

Aaron Morrison (20) from Laurieston, Falkirk, added: “I want to do concept art and this course is a good start for me.”

Sheila Dow (56) from Causewayhead, Stirling, said: “I come from a working background in design and exhibition and I came here because I want to learn new things in this field and am open to where it will lead me.”

At the Alloa Campus new Access to Computing students Ruairidh Fair (18) from Tillicoultry, Simon Sidejs (18) from Stirling and Ryan McGrouther (24) from Alloa, were gearing up to logon to their course.

Ruairidh, said: “I am really happy to be here. It is a starting point and we will see where it leads me.”

Simon, said: “One of my friends recommended the course and I am looking forward to a career in computing.”

Ryan, said: “I was inspired to look at computing and more specifically cyber security as a career after the NHS – where my mum works - was hacked a few months ago. I want to learn all about cyber security and help people prevent this from happening.”

NC Business students Emma McDougall (21) and Laura Stirling (20) both from Stirling have just registered on their course.

Emma, said: “I hope this will be a springboard for other courses for me and I am happy to be here.”

Laura, added: “I have been at the college before and I can’t wait to get started on this course and work my way up to get a job.”



Stevie, Jordan, Jordan and Lauren
Lewis Don
Laura and Emma
Ruairidh, Simon and Ryan