Dawn lights up London exhibition

Dawn in London

Dawn lights up London exhibition

An exciting London art exhibition was lit up recently, by work from a Forth Valley College BA Art and Design graduate.

Dawn McLaren (27) from Falkirk had her Lantern artwork - which she showed off at FVC's recent end of year show - accepted by the Graduates 2018 exhibition which was hosted by ORBIT Galleries at the OXO Tower and in the Bargehouse, South Bank, London from 20-31 August.

Her expertise in setting up her work for exhibition – gleamed from FVC’s Creative Industries lecturers – also endeared her with the event organisers who utilised her skills, and those of her partner Gregor, to help them get the exhibition ready for opening night.

Dawn, who has just started her Honours year at the University of Stirling, said: “I saw an advertisement for Graduates of 2018, researched into it and decided ‘you know what, lets go for it’. I filled out an application form and I sent pictures of my Tudor Lanterns down to London. I actually thought I'd never get chosen!

“I was absolutely amazed, in fact I was shocked when I received the acceptance letter. I thought to myself ‘Crikey! I'm going down to London!’ Believe it or not, I actually laughed hysterically to myself, because I couldn't believe that my work was chosen to take part in an exhibition in London. I actually shouted on Gregor (my partner) and I told him that we were off to London.

“I was in London for two weeks helping the set up and the organisation of the exhibition. There were other graduate artists from all around the world taking part in the exhibition, which was fantastic seeing their work!

“The event was called Graduates 2018, which I thought was a nice intriguing title because it let a wider audience from around the globe apply to exhibit and it was great to see what was new to the ever evolving art world.

“I would like to whole heartedly thank everyone in the Forth Valley College Creative Industries Department for giving me the exhibition training and set up skills, because when we had gone down to London to set up, the staff were needing help to get their venue ready.

“So I spoke with the Director and Managing Director of the venue and said we could help them prepare for the opening evening. In doing so, the exhibition was set up within the same day we arrived to the venue, which the team in London, were very thankful for.

“I am excited by my next steps on my artistic journey and I am looking forward to studying my BA Hons Art and Design at the University of Stirling. I would recommend any art student to push forward with their Bachelors year, leading them to the last step, as this for me has opened even more doors on my journey.”

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Lanterns at FVC


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