Cycling in the frame at Falkirk Campus

Cycle event

Cycling in the frame at Falkirk Campus

Cycling was in focus at Forth Valley College’s Falkirk Campus recently as students and staff picked up tips and advice at an information stall.

The Cycling Scientist (Morag Prach) and Emma Thomas from Forth Environment Link/Stirling Cycle Hub were on hand to speak with people and even mend a few bikes on Friday 17 November.

Morag, said: “I gave out a lot of advice on the day and had a look at six bikes in total. It’s not just about fixing them, it’s about maintaining them as well.”

Emma, added: “It was a great opportunity to speak with so many students and staff about cycling and walking. It really is so encouraging to see so many people enthusiastic about cycling. We will definitely do this again.”

Dylan Rendall, FVC’s new Cycling Officer, said: “It was great to see so many familiar faces at the stall today, It is really encouraging to see so many staff and students interested in active travel. I have been discussing further opportunities for events to run with the Stirling Cycle Hub and Dr Bike, many of which will be launched in spring 2018.”

The Cycling Scientist’s Top 5 Tips

  1. Keep your bike clean – at least every other trip, you should be rinsing off the dirt particularly during the winter when the roads are salted/gritted.
  2. Keep your chain oiled – but be careful you don’t overdo it!
  3. Keep your tyres at the correct air pressure – you can find the range on the wall of your tyre in PSI or Bar – check before every ride.
  4. Check your brake pads and tyres for wear.
  5. Learn to do the “M” check – see


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