Connect Forth rebrand covers multi-media platforms

Connect Forth

Connect Forth rebrand covers multi-media platforms

An exciting rebranding of Forth Valley College’s innovative student broadcast media channels has moved the Creative Industries Department onto another level.

Not only have they enhanced their impressive radio magazine programme coverage, but they have moved into offering filmed podcasts and are now developing an online option to bring all the streams together for students to develop, as they study for their BA Digital Media degrees.

Complete with a full management, social media and production structure – as would be found in any industry radio or TV station – Connect Forth offers second year BA Digital Media (an integrated degree where students spend two years at FVC before moving on to complete their degrees at the University of Stirling) students the opportunity to applying for management and production roles to create the perfect content which can be broadcast to the full Forth Valley College student body.

This year’s second years have been instrumental in helping the station to take the next step forward and leave a legacy for new students to improve upon even further, in the future. They have been supported by Creative Industries lecturers Gavin Orr, Elspeth Badger, Emma MacNair, Joanna Macintyre, Gail English and Pam Holden.

The new brand identity was also created with a ground-breaking cross departmental project which saw HND Visual Communications and Graphic Design students pitch their ideas for the station’s new look. HND photography students were also involved to provide images for the project. Visual Communications student Fiona Gardner’s development of the original design was the one that was chosen and Photography student Sonja Blietschau took a series of superhero student snaps to go with the brand identity.

Gavin Orr, Media and Communications Lecturer and Connect Forth Radio Station Manager, said:

“We are very excited by the new brand identity and how we are incorporating all media platforms under the Connect Forth banner. We now offer Radio, TV and online content

and this workplace standard experience will be invaluable for media and communications students as they move on to university and on into their careers. It is another good example of collaboration across college courses and this team of second years, who presided over this transformation, have done an exceptional job of moving forward this year.”

Pam Holden, a lecturer in Visual Communications and Connect Forth Online Manager, said:

“Connect Forth is an overarching brand representing radio, TV and online and it was great to see what the students came up with in their pitches for the new brand. The TV ident needed security and the ability for it to evolve and this new brand design has managed to keep the ‘Stay Connected’ concept for each of the elements of the brand. Fiona has done a great job of softening the design to make it approachable and friendly, but very professional at the same time, which was the main point.”

A delighted Fiona (now Connect Forth Brand Design Manager), said:

“In an ever evolving sector, I was hoping to make the basic foundation of the design so there is the ability to chop and change when needed and I am happy with the final version.”

The new rebranding and rebooting effort of Connect Forth chimes perfectly with the high standards of work and professional production values that has accompanied the full academic year at the station.

Elspeth Badger, Media and Communications Lecturer and Connect Forth Radio Station Manager, said:

“This group of BA Digital Media second years have become multi-media practitioners making broadcast features across all platforms like TV, radio and for online. They have matured into their roles and in their newsroom and it is them who make the decisions as to what is broadcast. They have done very well this year.”

BA Digital Media student David Murray (20) from Stirling, who held the role of TV Programme Controller at the station, said:

“There is nothing really like this. I look back and am very proud of the finished product and what we have achieved. It is a fantastic platform for anyone who wants to do digital media.”

Fellow student Kim Dohmen (22) from Stirling, who held the position of Radio Programme Controller, said:

“I took this opportunity to improve on my skills and it also really shows you what it going to be like in the industry workplace.”

Classmate Billy Sharp (48) from Denny, who had the role of Podcast Producer, said:

“The amount of work that we have all put in, working as a team, throughout the year has been brilliant. I have really enjoyed it.”

Emilia Rubensson (20) from Stirling, who was also a Podcast Producer on Connect Forth, added:

“Connect Forth gave us a sense of responsibility that students do not normally get. It’s been great.”

Gavin Orr, added:

“We would be delighted to hear from anyone thinking of applying for a digital media course, as we feel that we can offer them some of the best opportunities available in this field anywhere in Scotland. Tune in to Connect Forth online and on @connectforth1 on Facebook and Twitter to find out for yourselves.”

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