College's multimedia server offers the solution

College's multimedia server offers the solution

College's multimedia server offers the solution

Chemical engineering lecturers are now reaping the benefits of having a central repository for all of the films they use as part of their teaching and learning.

Previously they were relying on their own versions stored on various devices including pen drives and their work computer hard drives, which was creating a headache not only for themselves but for the FVC IT Department.
Emma Glacken from Moodle Support has been working closely with the lecturers from the Department of Electrical, Instrumentation and Chemical Engineering (EICE) to get to grips with the new learning resource repository.

She said:

“It is great to see a department embracing the new Media Server and in such a short space of time they have achieved so much. I walked into a class this morning to see students watching the uploaded resources and thought wow!  It’s good to see staff and lecturers being able to access the materials so easily.”

Jim Toye lecturer in EICE, said:

“After some training from Emma it was easy enough to upload videos into the system. Also it has been very useful as we can all access the videos we wish to use without searching through files and asking each other whether we have a copy, or not, of a particular video we want to use.”

Graham Swan in FVC’s IT Support Department, is more than happy to see these resources now on the multimedia server. He said:

“It’s great to see multimedia that is used in class, is now on the Helix media server and multiple copies will no longer be stored on staff U drives and department group drives, saving space and time to backup data.

“There is still work to be done, but hopefully other departments will see the benefits and follow the EICE Department’s lead and use this valuable resource for multimedia teaching material.”


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