Class Rep Katarina champions moodle platform

Class Rep Katarina champions moodle platform

Class Rep Katarina champions moodle platform

A student of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) has become an effective ambassador of Moodle at Forth Valley College.

Katarina Cech (28) - originally from Slovakia but who has been living in Callander for the past six years – was only too happy to step up to the plate when one of the lecturers in her Part-time ESOL National 5 course, had to take a short spell of absence through illness at the end of 2015.

Already the first ever part-time ESOL class representative at FVC, she eagerly received some training from the College’s Moodle driving force Jasmin Hodge, and began posting homework tasks, exercises and important course information on the essential e-sharing platform.

Her inspirational and voluntary effort has now led to Jasmin and Access and Progression Department ESOL Lecturer Frances Bryden, to endorse a plan to introduce student Moodle buddies across the college to help enhance the learning experience.

Katarina, a former degree level student in Slovakia where she studied British and American Studies is also a married mother of a two year-old son called Andrej. She said:

“I enjoy living in Scotland and I really enjoy the course which I started back in September. It will prove to be very useful not only for me but for my classmates especially when it comes to speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. In effect it is making us employable!

“I had already been working with Frances on Moodle before she went off work, and then I realised just how useful it would be to get important work and information up on the Moodle platform when she wasn’t there. I hoped that my classmates - who are all from different countries - would find this helpful and I am just glad I could help."

Katarina has recently been accepted to study for an HND Administration and IT at FVC at the Alloa Campus and was full of praise for the College. Katarina continued: “There are great opportunities here at the college and the support you get is excellent. If you need help all you need to do is ask for it and you are heard. It is amazing. I would definitely recommend the ESOL Course and Moodle for anyone.”

Lecturer Frances Bryden, said: “As it is a part-time course, some of those attending don’t make every session due to work or childcare issues. Katarina has been very good putting work up on Moodle and showing me the advantages of using it, as it is something I had not used much in the past, but it is certainly something I will be using much more of now.

“She is so committed and an excellent calibre of student. She comes all the way from Callander to attend, hardly misses a class and is so committed and inspiring. She showed great initiative and her efforts helped her class and enhanced my teaching of the course. It is amazing what she has done.”

Jasmin Hodge, FVC Organisation Learning Coordinator, said: “Recently we have been approached by and been approaching lecturing staff who might well be looking for more supplementary materials to help them take the use of Moodle a little bit further in the classroom and beyond. ESOL was one of those classes we approached.

“Katarina showed real genuine interest in what Moodle could offer and when Frances was off, she really came into her own and effectively became a Moodle Student Teacher and put homework and other exercises up on the platform at the end of each session to help her classmates.

“It is the first time this has worked in this way and it has gone down very well. We hope that more lecturers and students begin to see the real value of Moodle and how it should enhance the teaching experience and not take it over. It certainly gives the students more opportunities for learning and we hope that more lecturers and more classes will consider having a ‘Moodle Buddy’ like Katarina in the class.”

For more information on Moodle and training contact Jasmin on


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