Back to the shop floor for Chris Stockwell

Back to the shop floor for Chris Stockwell

Back to the shop floor for Chris Stockwell

A Cumbernauld company owner went back to the shop floor during Scottish MA Week 2017 (6-10 March) to see exactly what his trainees have been learning at Forth Valley College.

Chris Stockwell – owner of Stockwell Staircase Solutions Ltd based in Westfield – was delighted to tour the FVC Falkirk Campus wood machining workshops on Wednesday 8 March with FVC lecturer Steven Adams and also to take some pointers from his own Modern Apprentice (MA) Vincent Sweeney.

Vincent said:

“It was different to say the least today in class and for once it felt good to be telling my boss what to do a wee bit. He is a great boss, is really into developing his workforce and runs his company very well.

“As far as his work in class was concerned, he did all right. He is not as good as me and there is room for improvement, but he has the makings of a good wood machinist!”

Chris, said:

“It was great to see the workshops and see the skills our MAs are learning that we don’t teach them and think about how we might be able to use these skills in our own processes.

“I enjoyed getting a wee lesson from Vincent and I have been very impressed. It was also great to see the MAs making some stairs as well in the workshop. My MAs get top notch learning here at the college and great training in the workplace from professional employees some of whom are former FVC students themselves and this is all helping to move our company forward.”

Any construction company interested in taking on an MA, can find out more by attending FVC’s construction showcase event on 28 March at 3.30pm at the Falkirk Campus where you will be able to meet the team and see our excellent facilities.

If you would like to attend please call Fiona Skiffington on 01324 403124.


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