Artwork on display from former students

Work by David Gentles

Artwork on display from former students

An exhibition of artwork from six former Forth Valley College students who are completing their BA Honours at the University of Stirling, is currently on display at the Macrobert Arts Centre.

The ‘6 Hons Exhibition 2016’ in the ArtHouse showcases the work of BA Art and Design students Emma Donnelly, Hannah Louise McGinley, David Gentles, Kirsty MacLauchlan, Nick Smith and Danielle Tadla and runs until Thursday 25 February.

The exhibition of multi-disciplinary and investigative artwork represents a portfolio of work produced by the final year BA Hons students at the University of Stirling, who had previously studied at FVC. It is the first time that honours year work will be seen out-with the traditional educational setting.

Emma Donnelly whose work is being exhibited at the event, said:

“My Work could be seen as shocking or offensive to some people. However this is not what I wanted to showcase with my work. I wanted to state the perceptions of the general public’s thoughts towards life drawing/ modelling, along with what they believe the gaze or a power dynamic is and whether it is used to create art.

“I have my thoughts just like everyone else and this time I wanted to focus on the people’s thoughts and not my own. This art work has made me work outside of my comfort zone and made me a little mature towards my own work.”

Hannah McGinley, said:

“For this project I produced a body of work that presents the story of Cinderella from a different perspective. This new perspective is presented in a modern adaptation of the story. My aim was to highlight what isn’t shown, or what we miss in the storytelling due to how it is presented.”

Fellow Art and Design student, David Gentles, said:

“From the offset I wanted my work to showcase the link between statistics and art and how a set of statistical data could be manipulated into something creative and visually pleasing to the eye. With this in mind I developed my brief to incorporate the enrolment statistics of the college over a 10 year period in accordance with the time that Falkirk district has maintained Fairtrade status, creating a college tartan, printed on Fairtrade cotton. The project has been challenging and a great learning curve for me and could be something I re-visit in the future, as the statistics change.

“The B.A Hons has been a great experience for the class as a whole, being given the freedom to create a brief which incorporates our own interests and specialism. As with everything there has been some stress along the way, but everyone has seen the project through and the results speak for themselves.”


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