Amy hopes more women will step up to construction career

Colette, Amy and Graeme

Amy hopes more women will step up to construction career

Painting and decorating Modern Apprentice (MA) Amy Whatley hopes more females will climb the ladder to a career in construction.

Amy (24) from Linlithgow – who works for West Lothian Council but studies one day a week at Forth Valley College in Falkirk – was delighted to recommend the industry during MA Week 2017 and even show FVC’s Associate Principal and Executive Director of Business Development Colette Filippi a few steps to the perfect painting technique.

Amy, said:

“I started my MA in Painting and Decorating in June and I am really enjoying it. I had previously worked for five years as an administrator in a local authority and I quickly realised I didn’t like working in an office and this is the best move I have ever made.

“I would encourage other young women who think they might like a career in construction to find out more and really go for it. The world is changing and women are at the forefront of many industries now that were traditionally male dominated such as construction or engineering. Women can do anything men can do and certainly the majority of my class who are male, have been brilliant and treat me no differently from themselves.

“West Lothian Council my employers and Forth Valley College have been great and very encouraging with lecturers being very supportive and practical workshops at the college offering a great learning environment. It is a bonus to earn while you learn on an MA and at the college I am learning many different skills that I might not do on site, when I am working and being trained as part of the Void Properties maintenance team.

“When I left school at 15 I didn’t know what I wanted to do and ended up doing something which really wasn’t a good choice. I would encourage young women to work towards what they really want to do, never give up and keep trying as they will get there in the end.

“It was good to give the FVC Associate Principal a wee lesson in painting today and hopefully we can inspire some more females into this industry.”

Colette, said:

“It really was inspiring to meet and speak with Amy today and I would like to thank her for some of her painting and decorating tips. These will definitely come in very handy when I begin decorating my house soon.

“Amy is one of several MAs currently training at Forth Valley College in traditionally male dominated industries and we want to hear from other young women straight out of school or who – like Amy – would like to change their career to work in construction or engineering. There is an increasing number of women entering into these fields and experience tells us that women who enter into these industries can do just as well as men. We look forward to hearing from anyone thinking of finding out more.”


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