Important Information regarding CompEx extensions for certification

Update: 13th May 2020.

Employers and Candidates who are not able to attend a Refresher course due to present circumstances and with certificates due to or recently expired are eligible to apply for an extension.

If this is you or your employee, contact the College in the first instance and secure a place on our current waiting list for CompEx courses and as current restrictions begin to ease a member of the team will be in touch to confirm availability and secure your place.

Importantly this Certification Extension Process now applies to those certificates which have an expiry date from 17th March 2020 until 30th September 2020, or to those Candidates who are due to re-sit any assessments.

The Extension Period

If an extension is granted it will extend the expiry date by three months from the original expiry date. For example, an original expiry date of 25th May will be extended to 25th August 2020.
Any future re-certification will start from the original expiry date.

Application Process:

If it is not possible to attend a course before the expiry of a candidate's certification, the employer or candidate should apply for an extension via email at

Please provide the following information:
• Full Name
• Address (inc Postcode)
• Home/Mobile Telephone number
• CompEx Number (found on current certificate below name)
• Preferred Dates (click here to register your interest)

The CompEx Centre will forward these requests to the Certification Body. Requests for extension shall be reviewed on a case by case basis, and each request will be formally acknowledged to each candidate by the center.

Once this has been completed, our advice remains that Employers with Candidates; where certificates have or are due to expire, are to conduct a risk assessment against the candidate’s competency to cover their obligations for utilising them beyond their certificate expiry date and until a new certificate is obtained.

The Certification Body considers that mitigation in this respect can be achieved by ensuring that a Refresher Course has been formally booked with a center.

Extensions that have already been granted and confirmed via email

For employers or candidates who have already been granted an extension, to assist with re-booking with centers when they re-open for assessments, an additional three months has been added to the extended expiry date. For example, if an extension has been granted until the 27th June (from the 27th March) then this is now extended up to the 27th September 2020.
No subsequent application is required at this time.

To find out the latest information from CompEx please visit