Interviews Tips for Online and Phone Interviews
Virtual interview tips

Interviews Tips for Online and Phone Interviews

Great, you’ve got an interview!

The catch is, that due to current circumstances, your interview can’t be face to face. So, you need to think about how you can still make a good impression via a video call or on a phone interview.

Well don’t worry, we’ve put together our top tips to help you prepare.


Dress appropriately

Just because we’re all working or studying from home, this does not mean that the rules regarding dress code don’t apply when you’re interviewing or calling using video. Be sure to dress just as smartly as you would in person, not only does it make a better impression but it also will increase your confidence.  Pyjamas, clothes with slogans/images which could be perceived as offensive or fancy dress items are all probably best avoided!

Avoid distraction

Try to create a distraction free environment for your interview and eliminate as much excess noise as possible. Turn your phone off or put it on silent, close the windows and doors and be sure to turn the TV off. You want to give the interviewer your full attention.

Pets and Family

Following on from trying to minimise distractions, this could include pets and family members. If possible, ask your family to stay in another room while you have your interview and try to prevent having your pets around as they can be very distracting.  Of course, if this isn’t possible due to the current circumstances e.g. you have young children who can’t be left alone, just let the interviewer know at the beginning of the interview – we appreciate that things aren’t easy at the moment and would like to assure you that you won’t be disadvantaged.

Neutral Background

This one is simple, try to find a neutral background in your home if you’re using video. Pick a white or beige wall or something similar. Don’t sit directly up against a wall, leaving a bit of space behind you and this is not the time to use a virtual background. You want the interviewer to be focused on you and not your unmade bed, dirty dishes on a kitchen table or the contents of your living room.


Just as you would prepare for a face-to-face interview, practice some answers for questions you think you may be asked and jot down a few notes. You may also find it difficult to be chatty after we’ve been stuck indoors for so long so try getting your energy up before your call. Your interviewer will be able to tell if you’re tired and lacking enthusiasm so don’t forget this.


We hope these tips come in useful. We’re sure you’ll do great! Good luck!  


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