Evening courses put you in control
Evening class

Evening courses put you in control

Are you already dreading another evening of mindless TV or chores? Perhaps you’re fed up of scrolling through your social media news feeds, thinking that everyone else’s lives seem so much more exciting than yours? Or maybe you’re sitting at your desk counting down the minutes until you can clock off whilst also writing a mental list of jobs you would much rather have?

If any of these feel familiar, an evening course could be the answer…here’s why.

They can bring some fun into your evenings

Fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver or J.K. Rowling? There are a whole range of leisure based classes out there that are ideal if you want to learn a new hobby or take a passion further. Beats tackling that huge pile of ironing…

They can help you get ahead in your career

In this day and age, it’s now not enough to get the qualification to get the job – continual professional development will be important throughout your entire career. The right evening course can develop skills to help you perform more effectively in your current role and also help you climb the career ladder in the future.

They can open up new opportunities

Certificated evening programmes can also provide the qualifications to set you on a new career path without having to give up the day job as you re-train. Many people are also turning their ‘likes’ into a ‘living’ these days and using their hobbies to set up their own business.

You could pick up some handy skills

If you’ve ever wished you could just fix that leaky tap yourself or wanted to feel confident asking the locals for directions on holiday, then you should definitely consider the wide range of evening classes out there that can equip you with all sorts of useful skills.

You could expand your social circle

Evening courses offer the perfect opportunity to meet new like-minded people that can often become friends for life.

So go on treat yourself – and your brain – to an evening course.

Forth Valley College offers a range of programmes to suit a variety of aspirations and ambitions. Click here to see what’s on offer or call 01324 403000.


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