Transport & Travel

Travel Payments

As you will be aware, most learning is currently taking place online due to the current lockdown imposed by the Scottish Government. From Friday 29 January 2021 until at least Friday 5 March 2021, all travel payments will be suspended (unless you are to attend mandatory classes and/or essential work placements).

If you find you are struggling financially, we would urge you to please contact Student Funding or the Learner Advisory team as soon as possible to discuss.

We will advise further on future travel payments in the coming weeks.

Public Transport

Please ensure that you refer to the latest Scottish Government Guidance when using public transport.

You can also find more information on getting to college here.


There are no changes to our parking arrangements however, please be patient when waiting for others exiting their vehicle and ensure you maintain physical distancing.

Electric Vehicles

Electronic charging points are available as normal. However, users are reminded to wash or sanitise hands before and after use.

Cycle Lockers

Cycle lockers are in operation. However, users must ensure that they wash or sanitise their hands before and after use.

Car Share

Students and staff are advised to follow current Scottish Government Guidance in regards to sharing vehicles.