Face Coverings on Campus

From 11 January 2021, any colleagues or students on-campus in a Tier 3 or Tier 4 area, must wear face coverings for indoor learning and teaching activities, even when 2m distancing is in place.

Quick Guide 

The only exemption to this is where an individual meets a Scottish Government exemption, or where a College risk assessment permits otherwise.  Please note that if anyone forgets to bring a face covering, stocks are available at our campus receptions.

All existing rules relating to maintaining distancing, hand hygiene, wearing of face coverings in circulation areas etc., remain in place and must be adhered too.

Things to consider when wearing a face covering include:

• Do not share face coverings with others
• Ensure your hands are clean before putting on or removing a face covering
• Ensuring your face covering fits properly and covers your mouth, nose and chin
• Store your face covering in a washable, sealed bag or container
• Avoid placing your face covering on surfaces
• Wash re-usable face coverings after each day of use
• Disposable face coverings should be disposed of safely and hygienically in a general waste bin


Face Coverings - Exemption Process

We are aware that some staff, students and/or visitors will be exempt from wearing a face covering.

Some students have identified that they would feel more comfortable in wearing something visible to show their exemption and to prevent them from being challenged.

We are therefore launching a new process from Monday 9 November.

Students will now be able to identify that they are exempt from wearing a mask via MyInfo. There is no requirement to provide any evidence, they simply need to tick a box.

Following this, they will then be able to collect a small Forth Valley College pin badge from any campus reception. Staff will be able to confirm they are exempt by checking their details on the Triple S System.

Both staff and students may also be interested in the new Scottish Government Mask Exemption Scheme and you can find more info on this here.

Both our new process for students, and the Scottish Government’s scheme, are optional – however they may reduce the risk of being challenged for not wearing a face covering and make those who are exempt feel more comfortable.

We continue to ask you to be respectful and considerate towards others.