Campus Life

Most learning is currently taking place online due to Tier 4 arrangements in place.  However the information below may be helpful for anyone who is required to come on campus.

Unable to Come to College

Most learning is currently taking place online. However if students are required to come on campus and they have any concerns then they should contact their department as soon as possible.

Arriving on Campus

Most learning is currently taking place online.  However if you are required to come on campus you must ensure you use the hand sanitiser provided. Please go straight to class and do not gather in groups.

Campus Navigation

The College is currently operating a keep left system, which is clearly marked by yellow signs. Physical distancing is in line with the latest Scottish Government Guidance and is clearly marked with signage throughout the campus. These measures must be adhered to at all times. Corridor doors will remain open to reduce the touching of hard surfaces.


All campus toilets are in operation across all campuses without any restrictions. However, users must adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

Showers and Changing Facilities

All shower and changing facilities are in operation without any restrictions. Users should ensure they change within a cubicle.


Students should use lockers as normal and wash or sanitise hands before and after. Lockers within the workshops are opened and closed by a technician at set times during the day.


Lifts on campus are restricted to single person occupancy and this is clearly marked with a yellow sign. However, this does not affect those who are accompanied by a carer on campus. To assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the lift system, we ask that only individuals with mobility or other issues (plus carer where needed) who cannot use the stairs, use the lifts. All other college users must use the stairs.

Flexible Spaces

Our flexible spaces on campus should not be used for gathering in groups or independent study. Due to physical distancing requirements, some of our flexible spaces will be used for the delivery of courses.

Quiet Room

Our quiet rooms have access to hand sanitising products and hand-washing facilities.


Meetings should be via online video conferencing, where possible. Face-to-face meetings should only take place under exceptional circumstances with appropriate physical distancing measures in place.

Events and Gatherings

No events or large gatherings will take place on any campus until further notice.

Sports and Leisure Facilities

Our sport and leisure facilities are currently closed to staff and students.


Our salons are currently closed to staff, students and members of the public.

Social Distancing

All our campuses are following the two metre rule in regards to social distancing. This applies to visitors, staff and students on all courses, including school partnership programmes.


Our refectories are currently closed. 

Gallery Restaurant

The Gallery Restaurant is currently closed to staff, students and members of the public. 


Breaks will be staggered, where possible.

Drinking Water

Water fountains are in operation and students are advised to use their own cup.

Suppliers & Contractors 

All suppliers and contractors must report to reception on arrival.

Access must be requested and approved in writing prior to attempting access. 

All contractors must include COVID-19 on their risk assessment and method statements and should be submitted via the appointed contactor project lead.