The safety of our staff, students and visitors is our top priority.

We have a range of measures in place to ensure our campuses are safe and comply with the latest Scottish Government guidance on physical distancing and hygiene standards.

Within this page, you will find the latest advice, information and resources related to our response to the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Whilst correct at the time of publishing, we advise that you check it regularly for the latest updates.

Latest Update (26 October)

We currently have 4 positive cases of COVID-19.  There is currently no evidence to suggest that transmission occurred on campus and the cases are not thought to be related.

The Scottish Government’s Team Test and Protect Team are now managing the cases and are currently identifying any other close contacts who may need to self-isolate.

We are working closely with NHS Forth Valley’s Public Health Team and following their guidance.  All campuses will remain open and classes will continue.


Face Coverings on Campus

The Scottish Government have provided new guidance on the requirement for face coverings whilst on campus and this will take effect immediately. This applies to all colleges and universities across Scotland.

Unless you are exempt, you are advised as outlined in the Scottish Government Guidelines to wear a face covering when you are on campus.

Face coverings should only be removed in a classroom, other teaching environments, or when seated in a workroom or within our canteens unless otherwise advised.

Things to consider when wearing a face covering include:

• Do not share face coverings with others
• Ensure your hands are clean before putting on or removing a face covering
• Ensuring your face covering fits properly and covers your mouth, nose and chin
• Store your face covering in a washable, sealed bag or container
• Avoid placing your face covering on surfaces
• Wash re-usable face coverings after each day of use
• Disposable face coverings should be disposed of safely and hygienically in a general waste bin

Please also be aware that some staff, students and/or visitors will be exempt from wearing a face covering and we would ask you to be respectful and considerate towards others.

Face coverings will be available for those who don’t have access to one.

Finally, it is still important to follow other measures in place to ensure your safety and wellbeing such as physical distancing and following good hygiene practices.

What to expect on campus?

Frequent Asked Questions

We are regularly updating our FAQs to provide you with the latest information and updates in light of the current health crisis. Staff, students and stakeholders should also regularly check their emails for updates.

Please note that this information was correct at time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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