Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher)

This SQA alcohol licensing qualification supports those working in the licensed trade in Scotland. They allow individuals to show that they can work responsibly and that they understand how the licensing process applies to their jobs.

All Personal licence holders must complete refresher training within five years of the date that their licence was issued.  They then must produce evidence of having completed the refresher training to the Licensing Board that issued their Personal Licence no later three months after this deadline. A certificate of achievement for the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher) qualification is the recognised way of doing this.

The key areas are:

• Introduction to licensing
• Responsible operation of licensed premises
• Effect of irresponsible operation on society and health

Working in the licensed trade industry, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
Supervising in any licensed trade premises.

  • Location

    Stirling Campus

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  • Start date

    26 April 2019

  • End date

    26 April 2019

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