Why Anna Vogt chose college

Why Anna Vogt chose college
Anna Vogt

At colleges across the sector, staff have such a positive impact on their students. We caught up with Head of Equalities, Inclusion and Learning Services, Anna Vogt, to find out how her role contributes to the student experience and why she chose college.

You work in the Department of Equalities, Inclusion and Learning Services, what made you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in this area?

Before starting at the College, I worked in the private sector. I was keen to find a job that felt like I was giving something back to society and when I saw the Equalities and Inclusion Co-ordinator post, I thought ‘that’s right up my street’.

How does your role contribute to the student experience?

I started at the College as the Equalities and Inclusion Co-ordinator and I am now the Head of Equalities, Inclusion and Learning Support (EILS). EILS provides student support through our library services, learning support and advice and guidance along with mental health support, a mentoring project and all of our equality and diversity work. My role is to lead and direct all of this work so that students get the best possible support, when they need it.

What is the most rewarding thing about working within the college sector?

The feeling that what you are doing has a direct impact on people’s lives. The college sector delivers education to such a wide range of students – that is really important. College is a place you can come to try out something new, to continue your education or to change your direction of travel.

What is the best experience you have had while working at Forth Valley College?

Hearing the personal impact that members of EILS have on students’ lives. Everyone within the EILS team work so hard to support students and when they take the time to tell you about what a difference an individual or a team have made to their lives and education, that just gives you so much pride in the work that we do.

Describe you experience at Forth Valley College in three words…

Engaging, challenging and rewarding.

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