Tamara Janssen
Tamara Janssen

Tamara Janssen

Despite not really enjoying STEM subjects at school, Tamara Janssen (23) from Falkland in Fife is taking her NC Manufacturing course in her stride as part of her Modern Apprenticeship with TechnipFMC.

She said: “I didn’t really enjoy any STEM subjects. My design manufacture class was more aimed at art than engineering. I wasn’t good at maths when I was in high school and almost dropped it as a subject after third year.

“But after finishing high school I got my driving licence, and got really into racing, building and repairing cars. I decided to sign up for a college course to become a mechanic, but there were no places left on this course so I decided to study welding instead.

“After finishing my welding course I applied for an apprenticeship at TechnipFMC. I became an apprentice and started going to FVC because this is the college TechnipFMC works together with.

“Some of the facilities at the college are a bit old, but a new college will be opened next year which looks very promising. The lecturers are very good and know what they are talking about, they are friendly and your go-to people if you need help with anything. I think all the lecturers in the Engineering Department are very knowledgeable and are always prepared to help with anything.

“The best bit for me is welding a model of an aircraft carrier which might get displayed in the new college. It is good practice to gain more welding skills and experience.

“My advice to potential new students is to take your work seriously and listen to your lecturers, but at the same time try to have fun. My time at college has been great, If you work hard and have fun, you will have the best possible college experience.”



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