Stuart Edgar
Stuart Edgar

Stuart Edgar

A Linlithgow junior manager hopes Modern Apprenticeship (MA) Week 2017 (6-10 March) will inspire more young people to find out more about the innovative programme.

Stuart Edgar (27), from Linlithgow  - a former Management  MA at WGM Engineering Ltd based in Livingston, said:

“I initially applied to be an engineering MA at WGM, but the company said they saw me in another role within the company and that is when I began the Management MA Level 3 course last February.

“I have just completed it and have started my new role as an Operations Support Engineer which is a junior management role. It has been brilliant being at work as well as working at Forth Valley College to complete this qualification, while being full-time and earning a wage at the same time.

“The structure of the MA encouraged me to build up an overall view of the business – which is exactly what WGM were looking for – and this prompted me to find out more about all the departments of the business which is vital for a manager.

“I have set goals to achieve so I can go through different experiences in the work environment. It is different from just being in full-time employment where you are there to do a job for the money you receive. With an MA you are also learning to enhance your skills within the workplace.

“I am 27 and if I was told when I left school that a career option such as this was open to me, rather than thinking I need to get a job or go to college or university, I would have jumped at the chance. In my opinion it really offers a better alternative to either of those as you are working, earning and learning at the same time.

“I would recommend a MA because you are gaining extra skills while being in full-time employment, you can further your skills that you need at work by learning more within the College. My ultimate career goals are in gaining a skillset in management to further progress myself within the business and ultimately become a manager at WGM.”

If you are interested in becoming an MA, please click here.


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