Stacie Allan
Stacie Allan - HND in Architectural Technology

Stacie Allan

Stacie Allan flourished on a HND in Architectural Technology at Forth Valley College and the rest is history.

Stacie (29) from Stirling completed her HND in Architectural Technology in June 2014 and then secured a bursary funded placement with Historic Environment Scotland.

She said: “I am now a member of the Digital Documentation Team at Historic Environment Scotland. Conservation is at the heart of everything we do. As part of the Rae Project, we are committed to surveying of all of our properties in care and their associated collections. This is important so that we have an accurate record for posterity. We can also use the data for things like condition monitoring, Building Information Modelling, 3D printing and so on. I have been very lucky to have worked all over the country and have also helped to scan the iconic Forth Bridge.

“I initially chose to study at FVC because I was impressed with the courses they had to offer. I also found the idea of studying at college less intimidating than attending university. I studied at the Stirling Campus and I was very lucky to have such a great building to study in. The views were spectacular and the facilities were excellent.

“As for my lecturers, they have a lot of knowledge and industry experience to share. They were very approachable and were more than happy to go over any areas that were difficult to understand.

“The experience has benefited me in many ways. Most importantly, I have gained the knowledge and the confidence to pursue my career. The experience helped to push me in the right direction.

“FVC helped me to move on to the next step in my career by making me aware of the Digital Documentation placement and encouraging me to go for it. Without that, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“I would recommend FVC because I had such a positive experience, the course, the lecturers and the student support was fantastic. I gained both technical and practical skills that helped to make me more employable.

“The best part was the amount of support and encouragement that I received from my lecturers. I found college to be a positive experience and I looked forward to attending every day. I enjoyed learning.”

Summing up her FVC experience in three words, Stacie said: “Right for me!”


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