Sean Dilworth
Sean Dilworth

Sean Dilworth

There’s a real spark about Sean Dilworth (23) from Dalkeith who is enjoying his time at Forth Valley College as an Engineering MA with Petrofac.

He said: “I enjoyed maths and physics the most at school. I found that I was always challenged enough to keep me interested. I enjoyed all of the units within the courses, but I enjoyed the electricity unit in physics the most.

“As soon as I started physics in third year I knew I was interested in engineering. As mentioned above I really enjoyed the electricity work so I decided that was the career I wanted. FVC has great equipment and resources to help everyone learn a trade in all engineering departments and I chose to get an apprenticeship so that I could earn while I was learning. The facilities are of a very high standard and the lecturers are very helpful whenever an apprentice has a problem.

“It is vital that you have a good base knowledge in my industry and the College is a good place to learn whatever trade you are interested in. I would recommend learning through an apprenticeship. The best bit for me so far is getting to see and learn first-hand the type of work that gets done offshore.

“The advice I would give for anyone interested in this sector is to decide which field you are interested in as soon as possible and try and get an apprenticeship in that discipline, but if you don’t get one straight away it’s not a problem. Get into a college course that is relevant to that subject, so you can pick up skills that will put you ahead of other candidates the next time you apply for an apprenticeship. Once you are in a college course/apprenticeship keep on top of the course work and always act in a mature way, don’t waste the opportunity.”


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