Scott Bower

Scott Bower
Scott Bower - HND Mechanical Engineering

Scott Bower (23) from Dunfermline completed his HND Mechanical Engineering in June 2016 and is progressing onto a degree course at Heriot-Watt University.

Having previously worked at FMC Technologies as a CAD Apprentice, Scott decided to leave and then find a supermarket job to fund his college and university education.

He, said: “I choose to study at FVC because they supplied me with the flexibility I needed to fit in all of my courses. All the facilities I needed were available at the College and the lecturers that I had were all fantastic and were there to support me whenever I needed help with my studies.

“The study experience at the College has helped me prepare for university. It has done this by forcing me to improve my time management skills, in order to make sure that I could complete and hand in all my coursework on time and prepare properly for exams and class tests.

“The College has helped me move onto the next stage of my career by allowing me to push myself to gain the qualifications I needed to start university and enter straight into third year at Heriot-Watt.

“I’d recommend the College to other people because I know that they will be taught by great lecturers, who can guide them to succeed in what they aspire to do. My advice would be to remind them that they are only going to get out what they put in. So if they put the work in for what they want then, the results will speak for themselves.

“The best bit for me would have to be the flexibility I was given with my courses as this allowed me to fit in as many classes as I could for what I needed. It was also great being taught by lecturers who could help keep me motivated to carry out my studies. They backed up the theory work we were completing, with real life experience examples from their own careers."