Sam McDiarmid
Sam McDiarmid

Sam McDiarmid

Sam McDiarmid (27) a HND Photography student from Alva has already gained national exposure on a live project by using his skills and he credits Forth Valley College for helping him on the road to a new career.

Time-served mechanic, Sam, said: “I took a night class in studio photography at the Stirling Campus first of all. The lecturer then made me aware of the full-time course and recommended it if I was serious about becoming a photographer full-time. So I applied and got in!

“The facilities are great, they give you access to equipment you probably haven’t had experience with, such as the studio equipment and the latest editing software.

“Before college I had taught myself to use my camera, but the course has filled in the holes in my basics and has given me multiple new ways of seeing through the lens. I think the course will put me on steady ground to becoming a full-time photographer. It’s given me a variety of experiences that have been out of my comfort zone, which has added to my skill set. 

“I would recommend the course if you are serious about taking your photography to a professional level, as it covers all the bases for doing so. I’ve gained loads of knowledge on both commercial and artistic work. The best bit for me has been meeting new friends and finishing my graded unit!"

Summing up his experience at Forth Valley College in three words, Sam said: “Chilled, stressful and valuable.”


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