Rebecca Weir
Rebecca in the workshop

Rebecca Weir

Rebecca Weir (18) from Alloa, a Modern Apprentice Coppersmith with Diageo Abercrombie, is going hammer and tongs to learn as much as she can in her chosen career.

Her daily duties include beating copper sheets to the desired shape to make them into a still to hold the alcohol. She heats the sheets, beats them into the shape required and then welds them together to the required shape.  Rebecca also spends one day a week at Forth Valley College refining her skills and learning the theory side of her MA qualification.

She said: “At the college a National Certificate is our theory unit, to learn topics and complete assessments. PEO2 is our workshop unit, we do practical activities in the workshop and then follow the activities up by completing log books.

“I think my lecturers are extremely helpful and care a lot about how we do in our apprenticeships. The engineering facilities are also fantastic in the college, best I’ve seen.

“I love my apprenticeship and so grateful to have this opportunity, learning new things every day and proud to work for such a great company.

“The best part about the MA so far has been the college. It has helped me to ease into the workplace as the majority of MAs are just away from school, therefore we aren't flung in at the deep end by going straight into a workplace. We are given time to learn more about our jobs and ourselves and grow as individuals.

“It really has helped me, because when I go into work I know more about certain things that are required of us at work.

“I highly recommend the MA Programme, as I know in my school, apprenticeships are something that wasn't really spoken about often, so not a lot of people got help to apply. It was all about university and college and these are good routes after school, but apprenticeships are also a great thing to be a part of. I know it was the right decision for me.”



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