Rebecca Rae
Rebecca Rae

Rebecca Rae

Rebecca Rae (24) from Stenhousemuir completed her MA in Care at Forth Valley College and scooped the Modern Apprentice of the Year award at the annual graduation ceremony in October 2018.

She said: “I was so pleased to find out I had won the MA of the Year award. I had worked so hard, even though I thought I hadn’t done very well. But when I was told I had passed and had won the award I was over the moon and it took me completely by surprise.

“The lecturers and the facilities at Forth Valley College are all fantastic. The staff have always got more than enough time to help you. It is definitely a great place to learn.

“Completing the course has benefitted me so much since I completed the course and it has actually opened up so many more doors for me, and shown me that I have great value in my job role and has made me see that I want to go further in the care industry. I now work for Carr Gomm in Falkirk as a support practitioner and I support young people and adults with learning disabilities.

“I would recommend Forth Valley College for other people wanting to study Care subjects as it gives them a base of values and beliefs that they should follow and carry on in work practice.

“The advice I would give to other people looking to study Social Care at the college would be get plenty of hands-on experience, as even though it can be great sitting gaining knowledge in a classroom, you really do all your learning outside working with the people you would be supporting in your job.

“The best bit for me was getting feedback on my work from my lecturer. It actually opened my eyes to show me that I was more than capable in my job role and completing my MA.

“Summing up my MA at Forth Valley College it would be: challenging, achievable and rewarding.”                                       


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