Paula Verdasco Pino
Paula Verdasco Pino

Paula Verdasco Pino

Paula Verdasco Pino (26) who lives in Edinburgh completed her MEng Chemical Engineering at Forth Valley College in June 2016.

The former private Spanish tutor is now continuing her degree studies in the same subject at Heriot-Watt University at their Malaysian Campus!

Paula, said: “I chose Forth Valley College for more of a practical approach to education and for the fact that the College is well connected to Heriot-Watt University, which is where I wanted to continue studying.

“The facilities have always been great and accessible. The lecturers were very welcoming and were always there to help. FVC has provided me with a solid foundation to move into university and the College’s practical approach was very beneficial. As well as all that, from a foreign person's perspective they had many resources readily accesible which inluded Spanish to English dictionaries, extra time in exams, etc.

“FVC has provided me with an opportunity to continue my studies at Heriot-Watt University. I would recommend Forth Valley College for everything I mentioned above including their practical approach, good relations with companies and universities, their modern and accessible facilities and for the various bursaries available which took away a lot of financial pressure for me.

“The best bit was the group of classmates I had and the lecturers!”



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