Pamela Bennie
Pamela Bennie

Pamela Bennie

Pamela Bennie (38) from Falkirk, says that studying for an HND Fitness, Health and Exercise qualification at Forth Valley College has made a positive impact on her life.

She said: “The whole experience has definitely made a positive impact on my life, from making new friends, to beginning a new career and also improving my fitness and health. I volunteered to taking lunchtime classes in the gym and this has also really helped my confidence and I really enjoy the positive energy from a class, as opposed to working out on my own.

“I chose to study at Forth Valley College as I looked at the course content and I thought the units looked really interesting and exactly what I wanted to learn about in this field of work - especially anatomy and biomechanics.

“The lecturers have been really great. They are friendly, approachable and supportive. I was pleasantly surprised at the IT suite, the library and the access to computers at the college - I did not expect there to be as many! I am however disappointed I will not get to experience the new campus.

“FVC has helped me move on to the next step in my career as I have just recently had a conditional offer onto a uni course which is very exciting.

“I would recommend this FVC course as I feel it is a very good course for this industry, which prepares you for university as well as working in the industry.

“The best bit for me has been the practical sessions and the lunchtime classes.”

Summing up her experience at Forth Valley College in three words, Pamela said: “Challenging, interesting, elevating.”


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