Niamh Duncan
Niamh Duncan

Niamh Duncan

Niamh Duncan (18) from Keith encourages more women to think about Engineering modern apprenticeships at Forth Valley College.

Her training is sponsored by the ECITB, the statutory skills body for the engineering construction industry, on behalf of various partner companies

Niamh, who works as an MA with WorleyParsons, said: “So far in the OGTAP Programme we have been studying a range of different subjects that are relevant to being an instrumental technician. These include practical subjects and theory subjects, such as: process and control, mathematics, programming, various engineering principle subjects and health and safety. 

“I have enjoyed every minute of this apprenticeship so far, and I look forward to my future throughout it. I am just one of many females in a male dominated industry, but I wouldn’t change a thing, I feel just as included as the next person in this industry, male or female. 

“I find that the facilities are very useful as they simulate a working environment and I have learned a lot through using them. The lecturers are really helpful as most of them have experiences that we can use to learn from and they are really good at teaching the subjects that we need to know about. 

“The best part of this experience so far has been getting into a boiler suit and doing what I’ve wanted to do for my whole life. I normally have a full face of make up on and am dressed up to go out. I just love having no mask on when it comes to my job and it makes me feel amazing when it comes to doing things that I will need to do when I go to work offshore in the future. Getting paid to be doing a job that I love is a total bonus. 

“I would highly recommend the OGTAP programme because it is such a good way to get the qualifications and experience you need to go and do an onshore/offshore engineering job. The whole process was a good experience, from applying to the job, to the aptitude tests, to the interview. I would highly encourage any females out there to apply to this programme as you will feel included and treated with respect like any other individual on the course.”

Find out more about Modern Apprenticeships here.


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