Nadine Grant
Nadine Grant - HND Make-up Artistry

Nadine Grant

Nadine Grant (39) from Stirling completed her HND Make-up Artistry in June 2016 and has enhanced her role as a freelancer.

She works all over Scotland and over the last two years has built her business up working at weddings and at her studio in Stirling. She has an ongoing contract with the BBC and is a special effects trainer for Glamcandy Make-up School UK. Nadine is also a freelance make-up artist for the Model Academy Scotland and is signed to Haggis Western films as their lead make-up artist on their new film production in 2017. 

Nadine, said: “I chose FVC to study at as they were offering the HND Make-up Artistry course locally. Previously, I would have had to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh to complete this course and was thrilled to find out that this course was available in Alloa, as I have two young children and my husband works away from home. Commuting to Glasgow or Edinburgh daily would have proved very difficult.

“Having worked outwith the make-up industry, in an office for 20 years, I was very nervous and apprehensive about leaving my job and going to college for the first time ever.  I found the facilities of an excellent standard and everyone who worked at the College to be so lovely and welcoming, I made lots of new friends there.

“The experience of studying at the College has benefited me so much, as it has given me the confidence and skills to pursue my dreams and make them a reality.  If I had a question or needed help I could always ask my lecturers for their knowledge and advice.  I was able to enter student competitions and ended up being a finalist in London through the College, meeting industry famous leading make-up artists that I admire.

“My lecturers always encouraged me to pursue my dream of having my own business. We were always offered opportunities outwith College time to expand our abilities and each time I accepted these opportunities, as I always learned from them and my confidence and abilities grew.  Business Gateway also attended the College and they have been an ongoing support for me setting up my business. I wasn't even aware of them until I attended the College.

“I would recommend FVC to other people as you are going to gather your skills and knowledge in a controlled industry environment. Not only will you enhance your basic skills, but you will learn so much more and it's also a great networking environment. I was offered my role as a make-up artist in my first ever film, as the director saw my special effects work as part of a College show, so you never know who is watching.

“The best bit while being at FVC for me was being a finalist in London. I was flown down for a few days and stayed in a lovely hotel. My lecturer and friend were also with me as a support and my friend was my model. The final was in the Savoy in London and I met so many famous people. I was so, so nervous, that on the day I lost my voice. But with the support of my lecturer I had the most amazing time. The make-up was perfect on the day and I think - since experiencing so much pressure at this event - I have found everything since then so much easier ‘work-wise’. I was second runner-up and I have never been so happy or relieved in my life. The support from the College and my friends and family was the best feeling."


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