Melanie Lewis
Melanie Lewis - Digital Communications and Marketing Officer

Melanie Lewis

A Media and Communications graduate from Forth Valley College is now in charge of producing online news broadcasts for Stirling Council.

Melanie Lewis (24), from Stirling completed her BA Media and Communications, in 2015, but a work-placement at Stirling Council has led to her securing a position as a digital communications and marketing officer.

She said: “My role involves all aspects of managing Stirling Council’s social media channels, video production and digital communications.

“I chose to study at FVC because I had recently moved into the area and was exploring further education options. I didn’t want to go to university right away so I initially looked for HNC courses. However I soon realised that FVC offered degree courses in exactly what I was interested in. It seemed like an ideal fit.

“The facilities at FVC were great, the new Stirling campus is phenomenal, offering some of the best views of Stirling, it's modern and the perfect setting for students. The radio studios were also great, equipped with all the latest technology and I was able to learn how to use this equipment while also helping to run Connect Forth, the college radio station. The video production equipment was also fantastic, I learned how to use a green screen, how to film and edit videos and also produce audio content.

“Lecturers Gavin Orr, Andrew McColl and Rob McDermott were a big part of my FVC experience. I always enjoyed their classes and feel that their influence was key in my success. They saw me through my degree and really made my years at FVC memorable, they helped me to become the person I am today.

“My experience at FVC helped me to gain the position I have today, in particular the running of Connect Forth. I was able to go into my new role feeling confident in my knowledge and abilities and I gained all of these from FVC.

“The College has definitely helped me gain the role I have today, I was able to take the step from being a full time student into being a full time digital communications officer with ease. I was confident in the abilities and knowledge I had gained at FVC and I use these every day in my new role.

“I would recommend FVC as it had all of the facilities and equipment I needed to complete my work successfully and this is really important when studying digital media. It prepared me to step into a full time role feeling confident in myself and the skills I had gained.

“My favourite bit was learning video production and radio production and especially helping to run Connect Forth. Our class created the radio station from scratch and being a part of it was really special. My video lecturer, Matthew Sowerby, made learning video production an interesting and enjoyable process, I frequently make videos in my new role and I am able to produce good content because of his influence. The best video I created was a 10 minute travel documentary about my time in Japan.”

Summing up Forth Valley College in three words, Melanie, said: “Inspiring, educational, life-changing!”


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