Mary means Business
Mary McFaul

Mary means Business

Despite leaving school with no qualifications and suffering from dyspraxia, Mary McFaul has flourished on Forth Valley College Business courses.

Mum of three and grandmother of two, Mary (45) from Falkirk, completed an NQ in Business before progressing onto the HNC Business, which she will complete this summer.

However, it was only when a course she had enrolled on at FVC was withdrawn that she even considered a course in this field.

Mary, said: “I came back to education in 2010. I did not have any qualifications and I was doing menial work. I had hoped to do a language course, but the course was withdrawn.

“I then saw a Business course and enrolled on that and ended up really quite liking it. At first I was really sceptical about academic work and I considered myself more creative, but I found that I have a penchant for economics and marketing and I like researching things on my own.

“The whole college experience has given me the confidence to do so many things. When I first started I had no computing knowledge at all and now my skills are good. I also have dyspraxia and my short term memory is not the best, but the college supported me with this as well.

“I am definitely more prepared to find a job and enter into the industry. Though I will be taking a year out, but I hope to be back to do my HND or even go to university, but we will see how the pass marks are.

“I would like to go into some kind of research and marketing role eventually. I am also really interested in complimentary therapies such a Reiki and might even start up my own business. I will also be looking to do a night class in French or Spanish, as going into the business world with a language, I will be properly prepared as I would like to work abroad in the future.

“The best thing for me at the college and what I liked was that I found that subjects I had no previous knowledge or training in, I really enjoyed and was good at them.

“On the whole I have been happy with the lecturers and the facilities at the college and I would definitely recommend it. If anyone was coming into a Business course I would say that it would also be good if they could get work experience or a part-time job to complement their studies.”

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