Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson in the frame

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson (20) from Stirling is sitting pretty as a picture on Forth Valley College’s BA (Hons) in Digital Media integrated degree.

Mark benefits from the best of both Scottish educational worlds as he spends the first two years of his course at FVC’s Stirling Campus and then attends the University of Stirling to complete his degree.

He said: “Forth Valley College offers a course that would allow me to gain a unique degree in the media field. The college gave me the opportunity to gain an education in a more practical way that is different from most other media courses available. The location was also very appealing as it is in Central Scotland.

“The facilities give me access to various software and equipment that is essential to my course. This is very helpful as I can gain experience with technology that I would have been unable to access.

“The lecturers are very personal and approachable when it comes to any course work that needs assistance. This makes all assignments easier and more comfortable when it comes to asking for help.

“What attracted me to the course was the mix of work between practical at the college and theoretical at the university as this made it a very unique course. I believe this gives me the benefit over other media courses, where students don’t get any practical work until later in their course.

“So far I have gained experience and had assistance with equipment I would have never been able to access before. I have also become aware of several media opportunities with bigger companies that I would have not known about previously. I will also be able to transfer my practical skills to any future work that I plan on completing.

“I would recommend the course as the college offers practical experience that can’t be found in regular media courses. It can help prepare students for a future of freelance work or help set up a career to go straight into the industry after college.

“The best bit for me has been the practical work, as it allows me to build up my portfolio and experience, while also giving me creative freedom for any projects.”

For more information on the integrated degree courses call 01324 403000.


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