Lorraine Hume
Lorraine Hume

Lorraine Hume

Former Forth Valley College Accounting student Lorraine Hume, was delighted to add ‘University award winner’ to her list of achievements recently.

The 49 year-old mother of two and former FVC HND Accounting student, has won the KPMG Prize for External Reporting module of her BA Accountancy degree at the University of Stirling. She is set to collect the award at a special lunch in October.

Lorraine from Falkirk who left FVC in June 2017, scored 91% in the module which consisted of an essay, a class test and a final exam and beat off competition from her 90 classmates to claim the prize.

Lorraine, said: “I had no idea that the award actually existed. I could have cried when I opened the letter. I put a lot of effort into that section and it is nice to get this recognition. I am quite proud of myself.

“When I e-mailed my former Forth Valley College lecturer Carol Venesky to thank her for giving me such a good grounding in the subject, she said that she was not surprised by the good news I had won! The best bit for me about studying at FVC was that it made me believe that I could do something different at this stage of life, for which I am very grateful and winning this award is a justification of that belief they instilled in me.”

FVC Business Lecturer Carol Venesky, said: “I was absolutely delighted to hear about Lorraine’s achievement. This is well-deserved recognition of her hard work and determination to succeed.”

Chris Coles, Senior Teaching Scholar in Accounting and Finance at the University of Stirling, said: "I'm very pleased that Lorraine has won this award. It's well deserved and reflects the effort she has put into her studies."

Lorraine, who is currently working at The Milk Barn in Falkirk, while she completes her degree at the University of Stirling was eager to talk about how Forth Valley College inspired her to a new career.

She said: “I chose Forth Valley College as it was my local college and it made sense to go there. When I left the Prudential in Stirling after 20 years in 2010, I took a job as a waitress in the Milk Barn for three days a week. After a year I was asked if I could help out in their office doing the books as they knew I had previous finance experience with the Prudential. So it moved on from there that they would help me come to college and learn account and book-keeping.

“I loved my lecturers. They were so supportive. It can be daunting coming back to education and studying after so long, but they recognised that and helped me to settle in.

“I enjoyed mixing with younger people again and, through my own experiences, helping them along too. The college course helped me secure my ideal job and progress on to the University of Stirling, where I am studying for a BA Accountancy degree.

“FVC has helped me move on to the next step of my career by giving me confidence to go to university and preparing me for it. I love the lifestyle at uni and work two days a week at the Milk Barn and I am loving every minute of it.

“I would recommend the college and the HND Accounting to anyone as I thought the lecturers were fantastic. They came from industry so their examples and experiences are a bit more real. I am actually a bit gutted that I was at FVC before the new campus was built, but I will come and visit the new building.

“The best bit for me about studying at FVC was that it made me believe that I could do something different at this stage of life, for which I am very grateful. Once I complete my degree, I will be interested in keeping on working for the Milk Barn and maybe taking on a couple more clients to work for myself, that really appeals to me.”



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