Lorna Keddie
Lorna Keddie

Lorna Keddie

Lorna Keddie (21) a Heritage and Tourism BA (Hons) student from Denny, recently graduated with her integrated degree at the University of Stirling.

She also claimed a prize for her dissertation in the process and relished her two years of study at Forth Valley College before moving on to complete her degree at university.

Lorna, said: “I chose to study at Forth Valley College because of the Partnership Degree program, as I was able to gain qualifications in the first and second year of the course of an HND in Travel and Tourism. The units offered as part of the Travel and Tourism course covered a range of topics from marketing and customer care to sustainable planning and development and the Scottish tourism product. This helped when choosing modules at university, as I had an idea of my interests and some prior knowledge. I additionally chose to study here as it was close to home, therefore, reducing transport and living costs.”

“I found all lecturers at the college to be helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. In terms of the facilities, there were some great study spaces with great views of the River Forth and the Wallace Monument.

I feel going to college provided me with a great stepping stone between high school and university, as I was able to build my confidence and develop my independent working, communication and writing skills, which were beneficial for my studies at university.

“The knowledge and skills I acquired and developed during my time at college have provided an excellent basis for starting my career. The employability classes have helped me find and identify jobs that are suitable for my skills and knowledge base.

“I would definitely recommend college to other people as you gain a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience that set you up for university and the workplace.

“The best part of my college experience has to be the trips we went on. I enjoyed this part as I got to visit and see different parts of Scotland and visitor attractions, including Dunnottar Castle and Arbroath Abbey.

Summing up her experience at Forth Valley College in three words, Lorna, said: “Informative, Transitional and Enlightening!”


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